Advisory Council on Aging

In accordance with the Older Americans Act, the Napa/Solano Advisory Council on Aging (ACOA) is appointed by the Board of Supervisors to advise them on all matters associated with the planning, development and administration of programs relating to older adults. The ACOA is staffed by representatives of the Napa/Solano Area Agency on Aging (N/S AAA). 

The ACOA consists of sixteen (16) members, eight (8) residing in Napa County and eight (8) residing in Solano County. Membership is determined by application and appointment. Fifty percent (50%) of the ACOA must be age 60 and above. The ACOA strives to represent or ‘mirror’ the diversity of the county’s population with attention to the following factors: geography, economics, racial, cultural and ethnic origin, language, ability/disability, sexual orientation, and of course age.